Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Love You Because Board

When I saw this particular project on Pinterest, I definitely wanted to make one myself. It's so easy, and makes a really great gift for friends and family, and for any time of year.

-A frame (any size will do, I did 10" by 13")
-Dry erase markers
-Ribbon (optional, for hanging)
-Letter stencils
-Spray paint (optional, if you don't like the color of the frame, and for the background of your project)
-Thick paper or posterboard (plain or patterned will do)  the same size or larger than the frame you are using

1. The paper will serve as the background of your project, so you may want to paint it. In this case, I found some thicker posterboard at Wal-Mart, and spray painted it. If you are spray painting, may sure to lay newspaper down on your work area to keep the spray contained, and also to spray from about a foot distance in short bursts across the surface, so that you don't get a huge pile of paint.

2. Let the paint dry for a good 20 minutes. You will probably need to do several coats to get the paint even (I did about 5 total). Next, you will want to do your lettering. You need enough letters to spell out "I Love You Because."(I used a heart shape for the Love part. I bought sparkly red paper, traced a heart shaped cookie cutter, and Josh cut it out). I actually found these stick-on letters at Michael's, but you can free hand, stencil, use letter stickers, or whatever you want to do. I needed to actually put a little Elmer's glue on the stick on letters to make them stay on better. They are cardboard and kept popping up off the paper.

As a note, if you get scratches of any kind on the background, simply lightly spray over them. Works like a charm!

3. Finally, insert the background into the frame. You are now able to write with dry erase markers right onto the outside of the glass, and erase! You are able to change the reason why you love someone this way.


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