Thursday, May 10, 2012


"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future."
                                                                                 -Coco Chanel

Needless to say, I wear a LOT of perfume (just kidding!) But seriously...

There is nothing more sexy than a guy who knows how to wear his cologne. What I mean by that is, he wears the right amount where it's not overpowering, and the scent suits him. I definitely swoon over a guy who smells good!

Take this fun quiz to find out what perfumes best suit you!

If you are perfume/cologne shopping, here is some great advice I once received. When testing out a new scent, do not smell the bottom from the nozzle like this:

What happens is that you are mostly smelling the alcohol of the perfume, and not the actual scent. Use the perfume tester strips most stores provide. 

Spray a little on the strip, and then wave the strip back and forth a few times to diffuse the scent. Then, bring the strip to your nose and smell. You will notice a HUGE difference if you haven’t been doing this.
Also, just because a perfume or cologne smells good, that doesn’t mean it smells good on you. Believe it or not, different perfumes react differently to different people. Make sure to test out not only how the perfume smells on the tester strip, but also on your wrist.

Keep in mind that your perfume or cologne should be in the same family of scent as your soap/shampoo/conditioner, so that they don’t clash.
When applying perfume, less is more! Seriously, nobody wants to smell you from across the parking lot. Don't spray it and walk through it, as that is just a huge waste of product. A light spritz will do the trick, and the best places to apply for a long-lasting effect are your pulse points, or any place where the blood vessels are closest to the skin: The wrists, neck, behind the ears, in the crease of the elbows, and behind the knees. I usually spritz my wrists, rub them together, and then use them to apply on my neck, near my ears. A little goes a long way. Try to also apply when fresh out of the shower. You want the perfume to be on you, and not your clothes, simply because if you remove those clothes, you will also remove the majority of your perfume. Some fragrances can also stain clothes/jewelry. You can also make perfume last longer by using a body wash or lotion of the same scent.
My signature scent is Vera Wang’s Princess, but I also like Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels in Heavenly, and Aquolina Pink Sugar (it smells like cotton candy). I am not a huge fan of floral scents, and tend to go for sweeter smelling ones. What are your favorites?


  1. Those are some good tips girl. I shop a little different.

    When I want try fragrances I have a routine. First I bring my own tissues or go to the cosmetic department and grab a few. I then grab a few bottles I am interested in trying. I grab a individual tissue and spray it from a distance like a mist then wave it around for about 10 seconds or so.

    This is the best way that I find to sample the scent since in the fragrance department many people grab those white sticks then stuff them back in the same cup so your getting a mixture of fragrances which gives a completely different scent from the bottle itself. Once I like maybe two i take one arm and sprits it on my wrist area from a distance and take the other and spray the other side. Then I walk around for a hour and smell the scent again on both wrists.

    Our body has its own pheromone that smells different than anyone else so the fragrance mixes and creates a unique version of your favorite perfume.

    I find this the best way to demo perfumes. Another thing to add in is that there is a shelf life for the perfume. The alcohol will smell stronger throughout time. Just a FYI.

    Great blog girl. I am so keeping up with it. xoxo.

    Amy Schweppe

  2. Thanks so much for the great tips, Amy--you bring up some great points about people using the testing strips, and then not throwing the away but putting them back into the jar, and also about our own pheromones creating a scent unique to us. It's true! I have smelled a perfume on someone and tried it on myself and thought, "That's not how I remember it smelling!" I also read that if you are going to be smelling a lot of different perfumes at a time, it helps to bring a few coffee beans with you to whiff in between perfumes, because it "clears out your nose" so you can start fresh with each new scent! I think higher end perfume stores have these at their counter already. :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject--you rock!! :)

  3. You are so right Shelly! Coffee beans do help. Going to department stores like Nordstrom usually have coffee beans there but they are not swapped out enough to really get the true scent of it. I hope they will change that. But love your tips keep it up girl!

    Amy Schweppe

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