Saturday, May 19, 2012

Travel Beauty Hacks

When I travel, it's pretty hard for me to reduce the amount of things I want to bring. Over the years I have learned some pretty great beauty hacks. I got a few of these from Elle See's blog.

-Use hair conditioner for shaving your legs, armpits, etc. It's cheaper than shaving cream, and will leave your legs smooth. You can also add a bit of water to the conditioner and spray it on your hair for a detangler.

-Run your brush under water and shake it out. The small amount of moisture will de-frizz your hair as you brush it.

-To make a DIY lemon facial scrub on the go, ask for a lemon slice and a packet of sugar on your flight or at a restaurant/bar. Mix the lemon juice and sugar together in a cup and apply to your face and lips, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off and moisturize, and you will feel refreshed!

-To get rid of a zit, apply toothpaste to it before bed, or crush up aspirin and add water to make a paste and apply it to the zit. Let dry. Rinse away in the morning. If your zit has popped, apply some Visine to it to diminish redness.

-Gently rub an ice cube around your eyes to get rid of under-eye bags. Also, a tea bag that you have used in your tea works well to reduce puffiness. Lay one on each eye for 15 minutes, then remove and discard.

-Take some baby wipes with you and use for removing makeup, getting rid of deodorant stains, or just swipe on your face and hands for freshening up after a long flight.

-Use a little chapstick for: rubbing on heels to prevent blisters, softening cuticles, taming unruly eyebrows, moisturizing cracked knees or elbows, and helping with a stubborn zipper.

-Use a bit of lotion as a de-frizzer for your hair, or as chapstick if you don't have any.

-In a pinch, you can use a bit of lipstick as blush (be sure to blend well!) Also, add a little water to your makeup brush or Q-tip and turn eye shadow into eye liner.

-Vaseline works great as a lotion or chapstick, taming eyebrows, and making a matte eyeshadow shiny.

-Take clear nail polish with you. Great for stopping a run in pantyhose, a quick mani/pedi fix-up, applying over a button to keep thread from loosening, keeping an eyeglass screw in place, and making a jewelry piece shinier.

-Nail clippers are a must, but are also useful for trimming loose or dangling threads on your clothing.

-Don't have a lint roller? Use the sticky side of a pantiliner or pad to remove lint, hair, and fuzz.

-In lieu of a curling iron, French braid your hair after the shower and sleep on it. In the morning, take the braid out, and gently finger comb your waves.

-Anything you may have forgotten, ask for at the front desk. They often have toiletries and mini sewing kits if you have need of one.

What travel beauty hacks do you know?

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