Monday, April 23, 2012

Teeth Whitening

I am big on having whiter teeth. I mean, who isn’t these days? I know people with yellow teeth, green teeth, gray teeth, black teeth, gold and silver teeth, and no teeth…I gotta say that white is definitely the most attractive to me. Some simple tips you can do to have whiter teeth are:

-Don’t smoke. Smoking stains your teeth like whoa, and it’s just plain unhealthy and gross. Let’s be honest.

-Limit your intake or avoid altogether drinks that have a dark color (dark sodas—colas, tea, coffee, wine etc.). Marinara sauces and other dark sauces too! Opt for water, light sodas, or juice instead.  I love tea and cola, and would have a hard time giving that up all together, so I drink cola through a straw. That way, it will bypass my front teeth, for the most part! Also, don’t keep sipping a soda throughout the day. Drink it in a few swigs, or you will just keep re-coating your teeth with sugar, and you are more likely to get cavities. Also, if you can't give up those dark drinks (I couldn't do it), brush your teeth right after drinking them, or swish water around in your mouth to thoroughly rinse any residue off your teeth.
-Brush and floss regularly—a minimum of 2x per day for brushing, and at least 1x per day for flossing. I know it’s obvious, but breaking up those particles in your teeth and gums will keep them healthier looking and feeling overall. Brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes per day. If you get antsy like I do, play some music while you do it--most songs are about 2 minutes. Also, use a soft bristle toothbrush and brush gently. All dentists will tell you this, and it's mostly all they give out, because it doesn't wear down the enamel as quickly as a medium bristled brush. Underneath your tooth enamel is brown (eeew!!). Scrubbing your teeth hard will NOT get the stains off.

-Get your teeth cleaned by your dentist every 6 months.
-Chew sugarless gum. It won't leave a residue on your teeth, and will actually take off some of the food particles you may have on your teeth.

-Strawberries and bananas actually help whiten your teeth, so get your food on (and avoid scurvy too!)
Now, they say laser whitening is not too much different from strips or trays. The light just is supposed to speed up the chemical reaction of the hydrogen peroxide. But if you can get the same effect from trays and strips, I vote go for the cheaper option.
Veneers are also an option. They are fake teeth that fit over your real teeth permanently. They are pricey though! My friend paid about $700 per veneer. Yikes! I have some tooth fill on my teeth that would not whiten, so I have to be careful about dramatic whitening, or that would end up looking weird. Zebra teeth, not so much.

What have you tried to whiten your teeth? What has worked for you?

I am not sponsored or endorsed by any products listed below. They are simply what I have tried and what has worked for me. I have tried a few different whitening products, and here are my top picks:

*For toothpaste ($6): Colgate Total Plus Whitening: This had whitened my teeth over time, and I love it! The whitening results are not as quick, but you will see results after about 2 weeks.

*For at home strips ($40), Crest Whitestrips. I have sensitive teeth, so these sometimes made my teeth tingle/have mild pain.

*For dentist recommended trays ($50): Très White. These were the best, and lightened my teeth about 2 shades whiter. Totally worth the money! I liked the mint flavor (green box) but it also comes in melon flavor (red box).

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