Monday, May 7, 2012

Hooded Eye Make-up

Everyone's got their flaws. Let's face it, that's what makeup is for: to hide, cover up, or otherwise disguise imperfections, and make us girls look perfect. Oh, and enhance our natural beauty, of course. I love makeup, and I am constantly playing around with it and learning new things about it. So, when I got this request and it involved makeup, naturally I was pretty stoked to learn more.

This eye makeup technique is suited for hooded eyes, which, in simplest terms, means that when the eyes are open, the eyelids are partly covered by skin, like a "hood." This is due to bone structure, where the brow area above the lids juts out partially, causing the skin that covers the area below the eyebrows to obscure some of the eyelid along the curve of the lid. Some people are just born with this, and some people get it over time with age. It's also referred to as "bedroom eyes." Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Mischa Barton, and Renée Zellweger all have them. It's not a bad thing, just something you have to work with a bit. The biggest difficulty I have heard of from people with hooded eyes is trying to get your eye makeup to not crease or smudge into the hood, and get it to be more visible.

The first piece of advice I found was to make sure to have and keep your brows neat and trimmed. This will open up your eye area immensely. The following tutorial can be used for really any shades of color eye shadow.

Also, it's really important to have a family of at least 2-3 similar colors in varying shades (ranging from a light color to a darker color), and good brushes for blending and giving the illusion that you don't have hooded eyes. 

For my tutorial, you will need eyeshadow primer, at least 2 shades of eye shadow in the same color family, eyeliner, makeup brushes, and mascara. Also, I included the products I swear by and love, but feel free to use whatever you like.

-eye shadow primer
-white eyeshadow
-Light colored eye shadow
-Medium colored eye shadow within same color family as the light
-eyelash curler
-small angled eyeshadow brush, small rounded eyeshadow brush, blush brush
-lip gloss

First of all, I have to show you my before picture. Don't judge my unkempt eyebrows or country, after-work look...flannel is in right now. Also, sorry for looking creepy in some pics, as I realized it's pretty tough to take pictures of yourself while doing this. A video tutorial might be better suited for this in the future.

1. So, first of all, you may want to start with a foundation, concealer and loose powder. I did not, as I am focusing primarily on the eyes. That will be for a later tutorial. With your ring finger (it's the weakest and will be the most gentle), apply eye shadow primer all over your eyelid. This will hold the color well. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, as it is anti-creasing. This is especially good for hooded eyes.

2. Using the rounded brush, apply a light eyeshadow all over your lid as the base. I used CoverGirl's Eye Brightening Shadow Palette in Majestic Hazels #1 (the cream shade). This is going to really bring out your eye.

3. Next, use the angled brush, take the darker color eye shadow (CoverGirl's Eye Brightening Shadow Palette in Majestic Hazels #4, the dark brown shade) and starting from the outer corner of your eye, sweep it over the natural crease of your eye. Sweep it back and forth several times along the crease like a windshield wiper. This will help to create an illusion of the hood that it is not actually there. Gotta love makeup!

4. Use a dark eyeliner (CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil in Black Brown) and line the top of your lid from the inner corner to the outer.The other end of this liner is a sponge tip, so you can flip it over and blend it to soften the lines. Or simply use a Q-tip or your finger for the same result.

5. Apply a coat of mascara to your top lashes (Sephora Mascara Lash plumper). Start at the base and wiggle the wand back and forth in a "Z" shape as you move out to the tips of your lashes to deposit maximum amount and prevent clumping. Repeat for the bottom lashes. Apply a second coat to each, if desired. (You know I did!)

6. Eyes are done! Now for some cheeks. Using a blush brush, apply bronzer (Sonia Kashuk's Golden Loose Powder Bronzer) just above your cheekbones. Sweep from mid cheek to your hairline in an upward motion.

7. Next, smile and apply blush (Bobbi Brown's Rose Shimmer Brick and Lip Kit) from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline in an upward motion, just below where you applied your bronzer. Also, add just a touch of blush to your chin, forehead, and bridge of your nose for that extra little glow.

8. Finally, apply lipstick (Kat Von D's Lipstick in Cathedral) and top off with some lip gloss for shine (Rosebud's Strawberry Lip Balm).

9. To add a little extra pop to your eyes, use your angled brush to apply white eye shadow (Sephora Aspen Summit No. 23) just on the inner corner of your eye.

Ta-da! Bye-bye hooded eyes! I also look more awake and vibrant.

Also, here is a good tutorial I found for some natural daytime eyes. And here is a good evening makeup tutorial. What do you think?

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