Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coin Magnets

When I travel, I don't care so much about the souvenirs at all. It's the priceless things like the memories, the people I encounter, and, of course, the pictures I take that I really treasure. Often times, I will have some leftover foreign coins from my trip and am not quite sure what to do with them. I saw a GENIUS idea on Pinterest, and decided to put the idea to good use. The best part is, this craft took me all of 10 minutes--seriously. Also, you don't have to travel anywhere to put this good idea to use--you can do it with American coins if you want to! Here is the original idea.

-foreign coins
-craft glue
-small magnets

1. Wash the coins thoroughly with warm, soapy water. I initially forgot this step, and then realized how dirty money can be and flipped out and washed them with the magnets on (HA! Craft fail!). So do this step first, and you will be thanking me later, when your magnets aren't falling off the back of the coins.

2. Dry the coins off well, and put a little dot of glue in the center of the magnet. The cool thing about magnets is that they will stick to the coin naturally and hold tightly to make the glue stick even better.

3. Attach the coin to the magnet. Allow the glue to try for about 20 minutes.

4. Repeat for all of the coins.

5. Voila! Instant magnets that you can display, and they make a great conversation piece!

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