Monday, July 28, 2014

Slice Tweezers

So, I decided to add a new section on product reviews--yayyy! After all, there's nothing more I love than trying and falling in love with new products (that's why I love my Birchbox subscription so much!) This is a very special post because it is the first one of its kind on my blog.

First and foremost, this post was made possible due to the generosity of the founder of Slice, who sent me a pair to demo and review, as well as my friend Kim for putting the two of us in touch, always recommending great beauty loot, and inspiring me to branch out in a new direction on MIWS. So a big thank you to both!

Let's get down to it, shall we? The product I am reviewing are the Slanted Soft Touch Slice Tweezers, pictured below. They retail for $19.99 here on the Slice website. I've tried a few different types of tweezers in my life, but here is what I particularly liked about this pair:

-Design: They are big--but where it matters most. The size didn't obstruct my view when I was plucking my eyebrows with these bad boys. They are comfortable to hold in your hand and easy to control. They were designed by famed architect Michael Graves!

-Ease: They are made of a rubberized finish, so they don't slip out of your hand--which is perfect for klutzes like myself.

-Precision: The tip is slanted, so I was easily able to pluck those stubborn little hairs that normally are not even long enough to pluck as they are growing back in.

-Sanitary: These are easy to clean--I just used an alcohol wipe to clean the tip, which is made of stainless steel.

-Sharp: If you aren't using these for beauty purposes, but to remove a sliver, for instance, you won't have any trouble at all! I have used dull tweezers before that have had a rounded tip, and they are not the greatest for eyebrow plucking or removing slivers.

-Color: Because who wants another boring, silver pair of tweezers? I love the bold pop of red, and it makes it easy to find in my makeup bag.

On a scale of one to ten (with one being the worst and ten being the best), I would give these Slice tweezers a nine! I would highly recommend them as an essential tool to any beauty arsenal.

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